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Great company. Even greater wine.

Here at Old Growth Cellars, we think that wine should be something that brings people together. As the first Eureka-based winery, tasting room, and event venue, we invite you to stop on by and try our wines for yourself.  

About Old Growth Cellars

Our winery is built on our appreciation for taking something old and making it new. From the vines that grow our grapes to the building we handcraft our wine in; the redwoods that surround us here in Humboldt, and heck—even us old retired guys! We think there’s something pretty great about the things that have been around for quite awhile.

It all started in 1999, with a conversation between Jim and previous co-owner Steve Garrett. We both had a special fondness for Old Vine Zin. Being able to make the wine ourselves felt like the epitome of our passion. I (Jim) had connections throughout the wine industry, and Steve Garrett had lots of time on his hands as a newly retired science teacher.

That whim of “Hell! Let’s make some wine!” ended up turning into a full-on business that has grown steadily over the years. Steve sadly passed away in 2010, but we’re certain he’d love what Old Growth Cellars has become. The winery still runs on the same idea: good friends united by a shared love for good wine.

And I, (Bob), joined in 2015. I had been volunteering with the winery for years but wanted to use my chemistry background as a pharmacist to continue to improve upon the wines we made. I love getting to experience the transformation of the grapes at each stage of the process. But my favorite part of the process will always be getting to hand someone a glass of wine, and seeing them enjoy it.


Jim Pastori & Bob Lima
Winemakers and Owners

We believe the secret of our success all comes down to these three things:


Good wine starts with good grapes. Each varietal has a unique history, from the age of the vines to the very soil they grow in. We work hard to find the best grapes California has to offer. Most often, we utilize old vine growth, for the exceptional flavors in the grapes they produce. And then, when the moment is right, we head down to the vineyards to be there for the harvest. We’re grateful for excellent farmers such as Enver and Joe Salman from Grand Island Vineyards, Josh Lyman from Lyman Vineyards, and Jesse Torres, vineyard manager at Walter Hansel Winery, as well as his father Jose.

Winemaking is a complex and time-consuming process. Good thing we have so many retired friends with too much time on their hands! Seriously, we couldn’t do what we do without the many hands that help us throughout the year. From cleaning to construction, running the tasting room to running the forklift, we’ve got the best friends and family to help us out.

First and foremost, we are grateful to our signifiant others, Ramona Lima and Mary Comer. And a special thank you to the guys who have helped us out a ton throughout the years: Craig Apo, Ed Dewald, Paul Jackson, Ron Maher, Bill Matthias, Joe Pinocchi, Mike Torquemada, Tony Viegas, Richard Ward, and Steve Wilson to name a few. We’re also so grateful to our wine consultants Jesse Torres and Matt Hatcher. 

Our roots go deep here in Humboldt County. Both of us (Jim and Bob) were both born and raised right here, and we love calling Eureka home. Right off Highway 101 in South Eureka, our winery is a great place to stop on your journey through the Redwoods! Our facility in South Eureka is a tribute to our love for taking the old and making it new. Originally built in 1954 in Weott as a culvert manufacturing warehouse, it was dismantled and rebuilt here decades later. We moved our wine production here in 2017, repurposing the building again from a truck terminal to a winery. Keeping the features of the “industrial chic” as we like to call it, we’ve added our own touch to the place.


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And the best is yet to come!

We’re excited about what’s next for us as we continue to grow. Interested in hosting your own party at Old Growth Cellars? From private tastings for a small group to larger events, we’re a great new venue in South Eureka. Give us a call and we can talk about your plans.